The Joy of Professional Learning

We believe professional learning is inspirational, active, and engaging. That’s why we designed different recipes clearly outlining the time, tools, and ingredients to inspire you to cook up delicious learning activities for teachers and leaders.


Discover new ways to bring your lessons to life. Share your experience and be inspired by your peers.


Gather advice and insights from those who have successfully integrated change in their classrooms — so you can do the same in yours.


Experience hands-on sessions.


Build skills that directly apply to activities with your students, and earn recognition for what you learn.


Challenge yourself and build a professional learning plan. Identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes required, to become the teacher you want to be.


Create time to reflect and practise what you have learned.




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As a team of global educators, we believe in innovative professional learning and our mission is to bring joy back to the learning experience through innovative practices that are shared, relevant, and meaningful.

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You inspire the next generation of leaders. And you’re always looking for new ways to engage your staff. So we’ve gathered a series of tips, stories, and other helpful materials to keep you inspired.

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