“We are always a Diad: half teacher half student. Our goal must always be to become hopelessly curious to a broader scope of our world than the mere limitations of our vertical career.”

- Jay Abraham

Kurt and I were invited to the first Tablet Days Conference in Switzerland inspired entirely by our Joy of Professional Learning recipe books.
I kicked off the conference with the first of 15 Showcases (1 in 3), highlighting how “Joy is the engine of growth.” – Bruce Mau, The Third Teacher
The conference featured Kurt as the Keynote Speaker. His presentation to an audience of a few hundred educators focused on “Raising the Bar for Professional Learning” with a strong message on teachers are learners first. The audience was so enthusiastic that during the Keynote we could hear the music in our opening video play as books were being downloaded by the dozen. Our books truly came to life. We love how teachers have a renewed love of learning and how that translates to the next level of excitement in the classroom.

We facilitated 3 workshops throughout the day featuring recipes from our books “The Joy of Professional Learning”. It was a memorable learning experience with participants writing their Magnificent Minute Story, Speed Dating, and making content in the App Dice Challenge. It was learning worth sharing!

Joy is the engineof growth