Team Role Play Cards for JoyofPL on ETSY
Our team is the biggest factor in keeping our JoyofPL Project chugging along. Each one of us has talents that are necessary to the success of the team, our love for professional learning and that keep the passion for our project alive. Kurt designed these Team Role Cards because he could see in each of us the important roles we play. Who will you be?
Working closely with our graphic designer, Kurt was able to articulate what the cards are intended to do and Sal could immediately see the connection with our brand.
The hexagon heads are in character with the many facets of this team and our true passion for the connections we experience in our own learning that immediately transfer to our student’s learning experiences.
The Team Role Cards are a compliment to our Joy of Professional Learning Book Series. To move a team forward when faced with a new challenge, each member of the team becomes an expert based on a random character card drawn from the deck.
The cards can be used in the classroom for group work to enhance collaboration or with your team of professionals to accelerate a project.
Every role on the team gives specific characteristics to each player. Pick a card and complete a task/project, no matter how big or small, with your team based on the role you randomly chose.
Grab a deck and accept the challenge to form your team.
Be who you chose or let  the cards decide!

"No good workcomes in isolation."

- The Joy of Professional Learning

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By Christine and Kurt
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