Showcase Your Story
Instead of organizing a showcase session, last week I had the honor to present a showcase myself at the iScholendag in The Netherlands, a day where educators come together around edtech subjects. I had 3 minutes to talk about the Joy of Professional Learning. I can tell you, the shorter the presentation, the harder to prepare. It made me think about what I needed to tell people and what would be just nice to tell. So I wrote down, rephrased and deleted sentences until only the essence was left. For me the essence of the Joy of Professional Learning is that when we do not change the way teachers learn, we will never be able to change te behavior of the teacher in the classroom.

What kind example are we if we stand in front of a group of teachers and just tell them that they should make learning active, challenging and engaging but not shape our own sessions that way.

"I can tell you, the shorter the presentation,the harder to prepare."

Marjan van de Vrie, Netherlands

We should let activities for professional learning resemble the behavior we would like to see in students. That is the reason we’ve created our 7 recipe books on the #JoyofPL.
We want to give teacher trainers examples and grip on how to shape learning in an active and joyful way.
Creating the books with our amazing team is my best learning experience ever and it definitely gave me a lot of joy. I challenge you to bring back the joy in professional learning with us.
That is the story I told the people at the iScholendag, just within 3 minutes.

By Marjan Van de Vrie , Netherlands on October 18, 2017