Do (Not) Disturb.

Last March I was in Munich in the 25th Hour hotel when the Do Not Disturb sign caught my attention. One, it was a whole book instead of a single card and two it was filled with funny quotes to let the staff know that they were either welcome or should be warned while entering the room.

This got me thinking about the walkthroughs that principals do at school. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to let your school leader or peers know when they can come in because some great learning is going on? Or not to enter because you are having a bad day.


Here are some of my suggestions:

Do Disturb

  • Long live teaching.
  • What can I say, we’re learning.
  • Remember the Titans? This is better.
  • Imagine the … stayed in the room.
  • Be my guest… and visit my classroom.

Maybe not today.

Do Not Disturb

  • Don’t ask.
  • There are little monsters behind this door.
  • It’s that kind of day.
  • Unless you are bringing coffee…
  • Please place an aspirin in front of the door, and leave.


Have fun with it!