Stories Of Learning.

As a Learning Professional you get to see the vision for a professional learning project come to life. All learners are different and that is what makes them the same. When you are on your walkthroughs or school visits, capture the learning. In whatever format that is audio, video, text,… Use a tool like Wakelet to curate the stories. Most importantly use it to get the word out. Let other learners know what is going on in the school community. Share your successes, your small wins, but also your struggles. Learners love hearing how other leaners turn obstacles into opportunities. Be the distinguished one in your school.

“Save, organize and tell stories of learning with content from within your learning initiative.”

Kurt Klynen


Timing: Ongoing

Here are the ingredients:

  • iPhone, iPad or Mac
  • Safari
  • Camera
  • Wakelet


Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up.
  3. Tap plus to to start a new collection or story.
  4. Presonlize by adding a cover, description and title.
  5. Start adding media. This can be anything with a link from a tweet to a PDF file.
  6. Next choose your visibility (private, unlisted or public).
  7. Now you are ready to share or embed this project.


You can collaborate on collections to bring the collective genius to the table.