We all go through times when we are feeling like we are not very creative. I know I say “I am not creative” all the time when someone asks me to do something out of my comfort zone. However, what I have discovered on my learning journey is I am creative in my own right. I have creative ideas, creative solutions, and I love being a thought partner with my team in designing and delivering professional learning.

Photography is my chosen form of expression. Apple technology has opened doors for me to explore and create. From making math visual to telling stories with images, my professional learning is about exploring creative expression.

Our newly designed playgrounds have opened the doors for creativity and play. These wonderful experiences  get us to put our creative hats on. We had a eureka moment at the playground event at ISTE in Chicago (The City in the City) and again at Apple Distinguished Educator Institute (The Casino of Learning) and realized how we #createwithjoy. We love this because creativity is a joyous experience. In collaboration with Kurt Klynen and our graphic designer Sal Sansone we designed these iconic heart-o-grams as a symbol of our love and commitment to doing what we love. Being creative. Our YES AND conversations drive our ideas and creativity to places we had not imagined before.

Creativity is about expressing yourself in ways you didn’t think were possible. It is about inventing and reinventing yourself along the learning journey and finding the joy in your newly found creativity.

This fall ISTE is launching a new mini conference, The Creative Constructor Lab and we are invited to share our creative ideas. From the opening experience of a beautiful gallery walk to an inspiring photo walk through Seattle, I am so excited that I can share my story of  how I can think as a creative.

We are also thrilled to share the new Everyone Can Create recipe books from Apple at the The Creative Constructor Lab because I have found some wonderful ways to practice my craft using these as a guide.

We hope you will join us on our creative learning journey and experience how our creative teaching and learning experiences can meet the need of all learners.