We believe itʼs time. Time for a new conversation. About professional learning.


A conversation where innovative practices are shared, built on and grown. Becoming more than just sit and get.


A conversation that rises above and shares whatʼs right with education. Whatʼs working. Whatʼs possible.


We value that you are the people who understand learning best. You know what learning looks like and feels like.


engagement is practical and inspirational. You know that it is personal for every learning professional.


Educators tell us this is learning the way professionals want to learn & teaching the way teachers want to teach.


We believe this is a magical time to be a learner. A powerful time to be a teacher and a critical time to put professional learning first.


This is why we think itʼs time. Time for a new conversation about professional learning.


We want that conversation to start today.
With you.


Our Mission

We believe in designing learning experiences we want to be part. Our mission is to start a movement, change the culture of professional development to professional learning for teachers as learners first.

Our Vision

As a team of culture changers, our vision is to go from sit and get learning to active engaging professional learning that teachers can easily recreate in the classroom. We value practical ideas, active participation and an inspirational learning journey. As coaches, experience planners and content creators we are committed to educators and the best possible learning experiences.

Our Values

We value active, hands on learning for teachers and leaders that is everyday practical and can easily be recreate in the classroom. Through their own learning experiences, we value the opportunity to inspire educators how to find innovative ways of enriching the lives of all learners.